Could you make me a sandwich?

Playing country-western music on guitar is real kid stuff to a true professional.

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I have purchased eight acres of land for my retirement.


I just left you a message.

You don't have to be perfect all the time.

Everyone who worked on that project became a millionaire.

I'd like to ask a question.

The old system works.

Lojban is designed to be unambiguous in orthography, phonology, morphology, and grammar. Lojban semantics, however, must support the same breadth of human thought as natural languages.

Is it true that Cynthia witnessed a murder?


They say we'll have an earthquake one of these days.


Water was coming out of the damaged pipe.

With a little more patience, she would have succeeded.

I'm doing this job to help a friend.

You'll get nothing.

How much can change in a single day!


Can we make one of those?


Calvin is as tall as any student in his class is.

Can you get at the meaning of this passage?

Does he speak English, French or German?


Polish specialists work in Africa.

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They're all drunk except for Ethan.

There's somebody at the door.

All in all, the novel was a success.

I think everything is functional.

Could you please acknowledge receipt of this note?

You wanted it, didn't you?

Mr Miura brought an action of libel against a weekly magazine.

Some horses were grazing in a fenced area.

This is my opinion, not hers.

The old woman is ninety years old, but her cognitive abilities are impressive.

Bart was here a few weeks ago.

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You said you wanted to spend time with Amos.


You've got to answer for the outcome.


We got to be friends.

I'm not allowed to tell you what you want to know.

Let's offer it to Suzanne.


Had we left home at seven, we could have arrived on time.

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I'm not a fan of conservatism.

My favourite sport is football.

That's his house.

I'm not the one who did that.

On the wall there was a big picture of Sir Anthony at the piano.


Why don't you shut the fuck up?

You are acting beyond your position.

He gets angry at the slightest thing.


Do you know where Ned is now?


He finally succeeded in climbing that mountain.

The cat is lying under the table.

Josip really likes talking.


The current situation in the Middle East is a time bomb of tensions.

Major transferred to Harvard.

Everybody in the picture is smiling.

To tell a lie is wrong.

I spent most of the day in bed.

I just want everybody to live.

All prices are subject to change.

She asked him to marry her because he wouldn't ask her.

Now move on.

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How was yesterday?


The threat increases; a defence that doesn't evolve is meaningless.

He will survive.

Are you thinking about them?

The team had advantage over their opponents.

What did he say this time?

The names of the players are written on their lockers.

We're all together right now.

Iranians used to eat main meal with yoghurt.

You'd better listen.

He had a little piano on wheels, and a poor thin monkey which sat on top of it.

I don't like sand.

I sent her an email.

I certainly hope that'll happen.


I bought him a drink in return for his help.

I think Christopher is exaggerating a little.

Give me back my youth!

Dan moved to London after his divorce.

It was a week of alternate snow and rain.

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She took a picture down.


Business is bad, and the outlook for next year is even worse.

I take the blame.

He fell down from the roof, and what made the matter worse, broke his leg.

Alejandro doesn't know why Lorenzo doesn't want him at her party.

Let us talk to him.

Don't do that.

I found a buyer for your house.

Attend to what your teacher says.

The Space Shuttle has the ability to take off like a rocket, orbit the Earth like a spaceship, and land on a runway like an airplane.


They had cleared the obstacle from the road.

My grandmother was sent to a hospital in Germany.

Irvin and Srinivas met with John.

He started laughing hysterically.

I can't do any more.

You're a better liar than I thought.

If you're happy, I'm glad.


Who cares what everyone else thinks?

Is your conscience bothering you?

Jelske knows Amarth is not very happy here.

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Many parents think it's important for their children to eat before 8:00 p.m.

To be honest, as this world goes, is to be one man picked out of ten thousand.

So, the answer would be about 41.2 meters.

You should be sued for malpractice.

Sam seemed busy.

She was studying drama on a special scholarship.

I'm going to rock the boat.

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The mother sews.

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The boy, you see, is my son.

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I don't think that was your fault.

We expect rain today.

I didn't attend the meeting, and he didn't either.


She's open and trusting.

There has to be an explanation.

Murat is old enough to decide for himself.


Single ensuite, please.

Can one see the difference?

The ship was afloat at last.

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What did you eat this evening?

Is he right?

Isn't Rik something?

You don't know whether he has a girlfriend?

It's clear they both want to spend time together.

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I wanted to buy the book, but I found I had no more than 200 yen with me.

He has not been heard of since.

I think Robert suspects me.


You should conform to the rules.

Carry on with your work.

Don't sugar my coffee.

I had a hard time.

He was almost petrified with terror.

I am short of money.

Do you still need my assistance?

What should we do with this white elephant your aunt gave us? It's way too ugly to go on the wall.

At the present time, he's in Boston.

You won't find very many of these in Boston.

I was just trying to be a friend.


I thought it would be romantic.

You talk about him too much.

Have you told anyone else about this?

You will have heard the news.

I hope I don't break something.

We could just leave it here.

I'm not going to press charges.

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The fear in your eyes betrays the lie on your tongue.


Hal is silly.


She put her head on my shoulder.

I wanted to surprise him.

I wasn't expecting this to happen.

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I want a notebook.

This is utterly ridiculous.

This book is within the capacity of children.


It is dangerous to jump onto a moving train.

For a moment, Shai was too surprised to speak.

Carole is a very careful driver.

I want my share of the money.

I didn't know that you were a monster.

I'll miss you very much.

What does Lenora really think of me?


Have you found any good solution?

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Let's meet Doug.